Peace of mind

We want to help you make the best choice for your animals and know that you have saved valuable time and money while receiving a professional case review from the comfort of your home.

Advice: Anytime, Anywhere

Vet On Demand is the first smartphone based video conference platform for veterinary input for advice and information on dogs and cats from licensed veterinarians.

Second Opinions

Does your cat or dog need to go to the vet? Does your cat or dog really need that surgery, procedure, or treatment? How serious is the condition your veterinarian described?

“Vet on Demand is the perfect addition to any pet lover’s smart phone.”

Reasons To Call


  • What brand of food is best for my puppy/kitten?
  • Should I feed a raw or cooked diet?
  • Is it safe to let my puppy chew on rawhide treats?
  • What future checkups will my puppy/kitten need?
  • Should I spay or neuter my dog or cat? If so, when?
  • Should I have my puppy/kitten tattooed or have a microchip implanted?
  • Is there anything about my breed of puppy/kitten that I need to know?
  • What kinds of toys are best for my puppy/kitten?
  • Will I need to take my puppy/kitten to obedience school?


  • How Can I Stop My Dog From Barking All The Time?
  • How Can I Stop My Cat from Scratching on Furniture?
  • How Can I Housebreak My Puppy?
  • How Can I Stop My Puppy From Biting?
  • Is My Dog/Cat in Heat?
  • My Cat is Urinating in The House and Not in the Litter Box. What Can I Do?
  • Why is My Cat Scratching at His/Her Ears?
  • Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?
  • My Cat is Spraying in the House. What Can I Do?

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